2017 Carnegie Summit


Wednesday, March 29, 2017
San Francisco, CA

EDC is a sponsor of the fourth annual Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education on March 27 to 29.  EDC Vice President Barbara Miller will participate in the 2017 Summit, and the following EDC experts will present breakout sessions and posters:

  • Pam Buffington and Karen Shakman will present during the breakout session "Practical Measurement: Usable Measures with Teachers."
  • Anne Wang and Frank DeVito will present the poster, "Beyond Fidelity: Building School Networks to Incubate Innovation."
  • Eliza Fabillar and Frank DeVito will present the poster, "An Integrated Approach to Continuous Improvement and Systems Change."
  • Eden Badertscher will present the poster, "Using Improvement Science to Understand and Address Racial Opportunity Gaps in Mathematics."