States All Over the Map On Setting Computer Science Policy


This article spotlights a new report, "State of the States Landscape Report: State-Level Policies Supporting Equitable K-12 Computer Science Education," co-authored by EDC and partners. The authors quote EDC Senior Project Director Jim Stanton, who is the lead author of the report: Stanton said that educators basically have to "build the plane while flying it," as computer science has a much shorter history and is less established as a discipline in schools than other subjects. But, he said, "there's been such an extraordinary transformation in our world and economy just over the past 15 years. Tech is ubiquitous. As an education community, we haven't grasped how quickly things are moving and how essential these skills will be." He said students need to understand computer science to engage in civic discourse about issues like data and privacy.


Education Week

Publication Date: 

Thursday, April 13, 2017