Library of Congress turns to EDC as Research Collaborator

Bill Tally

EDC is the key research collaborator for the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program, which helps educators use its enormous collection of digitized primary source materials in the classroom. After helping pioneer TPS nearly 20 years ago, EDC has seen the program become the cornerstone of the educational outreach the Library of Congress conducts to all 50 states.

“Original materials like manuscripts, letters, and photos bring the past alive for students, giving them a strong sense of history and sparking critical thinking,” said Bill Tally (at left), senior project director in EDC’s Center for Children and Technology. “We’re proud of our longtime partnership with the TPS program and look forward to providing research to strengthen it by improving how teachers and students across the country learn to use primary sources.”

In this initiative, EDC is surveying the teaching practices of current TPS organizations, working with them to study student and teacher learning, and creating research briefs to guide professional development providers. 

Last Updated: August 2016