EDC Partners with NSF to Broaden Participation in Computing

Joyce Malyn-Smith

With two grants from the National Science Foundation, EDC is working to address the urgent, growing need to broaden students' participation in computing and foster students' computational thinking skills. In the first grant, Principal Investigator (PI) Joyce Malyn-Smith (at left) and co-PI Sarita Pillai are leading workshops at EDC headquarters in Waltham, Mass. that engage renown researchers, K-12 educators, and disciplinary scientists in identifying effective strategies to support K-12 students’ computational thinking. Workshop products will include a theoretical framework, reports, and articles that advance the field’s knowledge of evidence-based approaches to weaving interdisciplinary computational thinking into K-12 education and assessing computational thinking.

In the second grant, "Online Professional Development for Exploring Computer Science," Malyn-Smith is leading the design of rich, online learning experiences that will prepare a large, diverse group of high school teachers to implement the successful Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum with their students. This initiative will draw upon EDC’s proven capacity to develop effective, flexible professional development that gives teachers the strategies and tools they need to enhance learning and improve outcomes for students.

Malyn-Smith said, "We appreciate the NSF's investment in these two strategic new initiatives, both of which have the potential to significantly advance NSF and EDC goals to build capacity to broaden participation in computing."

Last Updated: August 2016