EDC Seeks Grade 6 and 7 Teachers to Test Cybersecurity Curriculum

Kristen Bjork

With funding from SAE International, EDC is developing a new middle school unit on cybersecurity that will meet the urgent need to give young students an "under-the-hood" understanding of cybersecurity risks and realities through the lens of automotive technology. An EDC instructional design team led by Kristen Bjork (at left) is seeking middle school teachers across the U.S. to work with them as key collaborators in field-testing and refining the new cybersecurity unit. 

All teacher partners will receive a $400 stipend for engaging their students in the unit and participating in data collection and feedback activities such as gathering student work and completing interviews and questionnaires. Learn more about this opportunity to team up with EDC for "SAE EDC Cybersecurity Challenge Field Test 2017"

EDC's new unit on cybersecurity is part of the engaging, STEM-focused A World in Motion series developed by EDC for SAE International. Explore the following active, hands-on A World in Motion STEM learning experiences:

 Last Updated: December 21, 2016