EDC Studies Impact of Transition to Algebra Mathematics Course

Transition To Algebra Curriculum

A new four-year National Science Foundation-funded project is enabling EDC to research the impact of Transition to Algebra, a year-long mathematics course taken concurrently with Algebra I to provide additional support for students who are underprepared for Algebra. In the project, a team led by EDC co-Principal Investigators Deborah Spencer, June Mark, and Paul Goldenberg (left to right below) and Laura O’Dwyer at Boston College is examining the implementation and impact of EDC's Transition to Algebra in 35 treatment schools and 35 comparison schools.  

Deborah Spencer   June Mark   Paul Goldenberg

Published by Heinemann and in use in over 100 schools and districts in 35 states, Transition to Algebra won the 2015 New England Book Show Award for best Elementary-High School Curriculum. The curriculum gives teachers resources and instructional strategies to raise students' confidence and competence in algebra by engaging them in discussing and refining their ideas as they tackle mental mathematics activities, written puzzles, spoken dialogues, and hands-on explorations that cultivate mathematical knowledge, intuition, and skills. 

Co-PI Deborah Spencer said, “In addition to deepening our understanding of how Transition to Algebra affects students’ attitudes and achievement and how teachers use and adapt the course, this project has the potential to provide important new insights into key factors in teachers’ effective implementation of interventions to enhance students’ outcomes.”  

Last Updated: November 2016