EDC Continues Role as Nellie Mae Evaluation Partner

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Over the past eight years, EDC has played a significant role in advancing the efforts of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation to improve learning outcomes for students in New England's urban and rural districts, including providing rigorous evaluation support. In December 2016, EDC received a new, two-year award that will enable our evaluators to continue to examine, and provide insights into, the implementation, outcomes, and impact of the Foundation's District Level Systems Change (DLSC) initiative.

Led by Brian Lord, an EDC team including Neil Schiavo, Sophia Mansori, Louisa Anastasopoulos, Mary Beth Piecham, and Erin Huckle will work closely with the Foundation to examine DLSC sites' work to transform selected high-need high schools by supporting and sustaining student-centered environments (e.g., proficiency-based instruction and assessment, creation of centers of innovation, personalized learning). “The Foundation has made a significant commitment to systems innovation and is inspiring new thinking and creative solutions to high school education throughout New England,” Lord says.

Last Updated: January 2017