EDC Seeks Input from Data Analysts to Finalize Data Practitioner Profile

Oceans of Data Institute seeks data analysts to review profile and complete survey

EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute invites Data Analysts and Data Practitioners from across the U.S. and around the world to help finalize a profile of the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that people in their roles need to succeed in the workplace. By completing the Online Validation Survey of the Profile of the Data Practitioner, all Data Practitioners—including but not limited to Business Analysts, Data Strategists, Market Data Analysts, Crime Analysts, Intelligence Analysts, Educational Consultants, Sales Data Analysts, and Health Data Analysts—can play a key part in helping EDC create career pathways in big data.

Data Practitioners/Analysts perform vital work in service of businesses, organizations, government agencies, and stake-holders by collecting, transforming, and analyzing data, and communicating results to inform decision-making. To address the rapidly growing need for these essential workers, EDC's Oceans of Data Institute is collaborating with community colleges in a National Science Foundation-funded initiative to create a career pathway model for Big Data careers. An early step in this process is to finalize the Big Data Practitioner Profile to guide community colleges in designing curricula and courses to prepare students for data/big data-related careers. The set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors outlined in the survey was identified by a national panel of expert Data Practitioners representing a variety of industry sectors under the guidance of senior EDC staff.

Last Updated: July 2016