Building State P–3 Systems: Learning from Leading States

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The author of this policy report focuses on three case-study states and their experiences implementing prenatal-through-third-grade (P–3) state policies and developing significant grant programs to fund regional and local P–3 partnerships. Research over the past 15 years has demonstrated the importance of high-quality care and education throughout the P–3 continuum, including prenatal and infant and toddler care, preschool education, and early elementary education. The programs and services provided to young children and their families during these early years are typically highly fragmented in most communities in the United States, the result of a multiplicity of funding streams and the wide variety of early education settings, services, and professional roles that characterize the mixed-delivery system in the United States. This report provides the case studies to address a central question: How can states support P–3 system building at both state and local levels?


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Building State P–3 Systems: Learning from Leading States