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EDC helps educators foster the next generation of STEM innovators. Our STEM instructional designers, researchers, professional developers, and systems change specialists are advancing the field’s knowledge of effective STEM education, from preschool through college and in out-of-school time programs as well as schools.

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Adobe Education Exchange Youth Media Collection

Tue, 03/01/2016


Kate Goddard, Deidre Searcy, Wendy Rivenburgh, Tony Streit

The Youth Media Collection at the Adobe Education Exchange offers resources on facilitating creative media making with young people. Originally created for Adobe Youth Voices (AYV), these resources include the AYV Guide for educators; toolkits, curriculum, and other instructional resources, such as planning tools, tips, and examples; youth work; and stories to help launch and sustain robust youth media programming.

toolkit screenshot

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Adobe Youth Voices App

Tue, 02/02/2016


Wendy Rivenburgh, with contributions from Tony Streit, Kate Goddard, and Adobe Foundation staff

Developed for Adobe by EDC, the AYV Story app provides a close-up view of the experiences of the youth media makers and educators who participated in the Adobe Foundation’s Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) initiative. Throughout AYV’s nine-year history,  EDC provided a range of support—including training design, community management, and materials development—to achieve Adobe’s vision to increase creativity in education and equip 13- to 19-year-old youth media makers to create social change through the power of digital storytelling.

Adobe Youth Voices youth media making

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American Association for the Advancement of Science Shares EDC Findings

This AAAS News feature focuses on the findings from a new report co-authored by EDC Distinguished Scholar and Research Scientist Wendy Martin that presents findings from their evaluation of the Kinetic City Empower Project (KC Empower): "The KC Empower Project first selected sample activities from The KC After School project, tested them with kids with varied special needs, received feedback from both the kids and adults involved, and huddled with an advisory board of researchers who specialize in accessibility. They then made changes to the activities based on the recommendations, and tested the improved activities to see if the changes had enhanced accessibility...."A lot of people making activities think that if they make them accessible they will be less fun and less effective for everybody else," said Hirshon. However, research conducted by EDC's Center for Children and Technology as part of his project generally dispelled such preconceived notions. CCT found that redesigning the activities not only made them more appealing and inclusive for children in special needs environments, but also made them more effective in general, and more responsive to different learning styles.



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Sun, 01/24/2016

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STEM Smart Workshop


San Francisco, CA

From 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. PT, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and EDC invite administrators, researchers, policy-makers, and all who are interested in effective STEM education to take part in the free, NSF-sponsored STEM Smart Workshop at the Hilton San Francisco-Financial District. Led and organized by EDC, this event will provide rich learning and networking opportunities as you explore the NSF's K-12 research and resources with a special emphasis on standards-based instruction in science.

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Registration Open for NSF-Sponsored STEM Smart Event in San Francisco

Photo of Barbara Brauner Berns

On February 1, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is sponsoring a STEM Smart Workshop featuring national STEM education experts at the Hilton San Francisco-Financial District. Led and organized by EDC, the workshop, Focus on Instructional Materials, is free and registration is now open to educators, administrators, researchers, policy makers, industry representatives, and all others.

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Broadening Participation—Making STEM Learning Relevant and Rigorous for All Students

Thu, 12/31/2015


This brief reviews findings from a number of recent studies, including NAEP and ACT, along with a series of reports, which reveal critical STEM learning opportunity gaps for students from underrepresented groups and a need to strengthen STEM education for all students. Featuring insights from leading researchers, the brief describes National Science Foundation Discovery Research K-12 projects that are identifying strategies to improve STEM instruction, remove barriers to effective STEM learning for members of underrepresented groups, and strengthen K-12 STEM education for all students.

Broadening participation in STEM


9 pp.

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