STEM Education in Maine: Briefing Paper

Mon, 11/29/2010


Nancy Richardson, Barbara Brauner Berns, Lisa Marco

Addressing the issue of preparedness of Maine students for jobs in STEM areas has been a concern of the legislature, the Maine Department of Education, the Office of the Governor, and a number of business and research institutes across the state. In the spring of 2010, policy researchers from EDC were asked by members of the Maine STEM Collaborative Steering Committee to develop a briefing paper on the status of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs in Maine.

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NSF Funds What’s Cooking? for STEM

The National Science Foundation has awarded $2 million over two years to create a free public online multimedia resource serving up STEM concepts to adults with low levels of literacy and numeracy. “TV411 What’s Cooking?” puts on the front burner the biochemical, physical, and mathematical processes at play in our home kitchens, in the news, and in our lives, while offering multiple and engrossing opportunities for informal science education designed explicitly for the much-neglected audience of undereducated adults.

Last Updated: October 2010

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NSF Award to Build on Computational Thinking (CT)

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The National Science Foundation has awarded $210,000 to build on the success and experience of the division’s NSF-funded “IT Across Careers” and other STEM workforce-development projects. LTD and its partners will develop and validate core computational thinking (CT) skill sets used by scientists, technicians/technologists, engineers, and mathematicians in STEM workplaces.

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I3 Win: The Education Connection


EDC will partner with The Education Connection’s Center for 21st-Century Skills on a five-year, Investing in Innovation (i3)–funded longitudinal study of a grade 7–12 STEM Academy model with strong potential to increase high-need students’ interest and achievement in STEM and to improve college access for STEM majors.  

Last Updated: September 2010



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Design It! Engineering in After School Programs

Sun, 09/01/2002


Bernard Zubrowski, Charlie Hutchison

A series of 14 design engineering booklets that include student and teacher guidance for implementing long-term activities such as designing a pinball game or building a trebuchet. The projects were developed for 8-12 year olds in after school programs.

Cover of a Design It Guide

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