iDESIGN: Designing and Implementing a Culturally Relevant Game-Based Curriculum

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EDC's Jim Diamond co-authored chapter 10 ("iDESIGN: Designing and Implementing a Culturally Relevant Game-Based Curriculum") of the book Culture, Learning, and Technology: Research and Practice. Published by Routledge, Culture, Learning, and Technology explores the theoretical and philosophical views of culture, learning, and technology (CLT), presents research studies that examine various aspects of CLT, and showcases projects that employ best practices in CLT. In Chapter 10, Diamond and Roberto Joseph present findings from EDC's formative and summative evaluations of the iDESIGN project, a collaborative, National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded research and development effort led by Hofstra University, that seeks to develop technological fluency and raise interest in STEM-related activities and careers among underrepresented minority youth by supporting them in the creation of interactive, “serious” computer games that are culturally and socially relevant.


Jim Diamond, Roberto Joseph

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