5 Tips to Promote Kids' Mental Health


In this feature article written in honor of Mental Health Awareness Day 2017, two of EDC's early childhood mental health experts, Mary Mackrain and Nancy Topping-Tailby, share five simple, yet highly effective evidence-based strategies to promote children's sound mental health and healthy development. “Enrich children’s daily routines by sharing looks, smiles, conversations, and stories,” Mary Mackrain says. “Putting down the phone and really engaging in uninterrupted play helps your child learn how to play, feel valued, and get along with others throughout life.” Topping-Tailby agrees. She suggests that parents set aside time to be with their children, no matter how old they are. “Reminding ourselves to live in the moment, and just be with our children, is important,” she says. “It’s sometimes hard not to focus on the next 10 things we have to do. But any time you can set aside for them helps build that parent-child relationship, which promotes positive mental health.”


EDC Newsroom

Publication Date: 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017