To improve child outcomes, it’s not enough to target a single aspect of quality. EDC provides comprehensive, customized support that helps the full galaxy of early childhood education service providers and decision-makers at the local, state, and national level enhance the quality of children's well-being and early learning. To raise the bar for all, we promote collaboration and communication among the field’s stakeholders. And, we lead state and national efforts to provide training and resources that promote the use of research-based practices. Interested? Contact Pat Fahey.

Our professional development helps teachers use current research to provide high-quality learning experiences, differentiate instruction, use data to improve teaching and learning, and meet the needs of English language learners. Nationwide, thousands of P–3 teachers have improved their practice through our credit-bearing courses, online workshops, and instructional coaching. Interested? Contact Pat Fahey.

Drawing upon the full range of methods—from randomized controlled trials to case analysis—and deep knowledge of the field, our studies enlighten policy-makers and inform strategic change. Our results identify key leverage points to improve the quality of services, promote school readiness, and support families. Interested? Contact Diane Schilder or Shelley Pasnik.

If students’ core health and social and emotional needs are not met, they cannot learn. EDC works to ensure that young children have the healthy start they need to take advantage of all schools have to offer them. We build capacity to support early interventions, effectively engage families, and provide intensive services to promote children’s wellness. Interested? Contact Patricia Fahey.

Young children love to explore the world around them. Our curricula and professional development offer teachers proven strategies to engage preK-3 students in challenging, developmentally appropriate early math and science explorations. Through our R&D and evaluations, we share new ways to enhance early science and math instruction. Interested? Contact Cynthia Hoisington or Ashley Lewis Presser.

Current research highlights the importance of engaging families in their children’s learning. Our online and print tools, technical assistance, and trainings help families support their children’s literacy development at home. We share current research on best practices to promote children’s early literacy in clear, easy-to-understand resources and fun, engaging activities. And, we work to identify new, effective ways to support family literacy. Interested? Contact Heidi Rosenberg.