Our research in mathematics education is at the heart of all we do. We focus on the usable and transformative—new understandings that can have a lasting impact on practice—informing not only the field, but guiding our design of instructional resources and professional development. Interested? Contact Jessica Young or Lynn Goldsmith.

Young students are naturally curious, creative thinkers. From preschool to middle school, there is a prime opportunity to tap into their curiosity and engage them in learning that fosters the kind of “mathematical mindedness”—essential ways of thinking and acting mathematically reflected in the CCSS for Mathematical Practice—they will need in high school and in life. Through research, professional development, and instructional resources, we work to help educators take advantage of this opportunity. Interested? Contact Paul Goldenberg or Deborah Schifter.

Implementing and aligning the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) brings both challenges and opportunities. We offer support that advances schools’ and districts’ CCSSM alignment efforts and fosters understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practices—essential ways of thinking and acting mathematically. Interested? Contact Al Cuoco, June Mark, or Eden Badertscher.

Interactive media has the potential to help us meet all learners, from preschoolers to adults, “where they are” and move them to a deeper understanding of mathematics. The learning environments and tools that we create offer new ways to improve mathematics teaching and learning through online and blended professional development, assessment, and curricula. We also offer evaluation support that helps clients determine the effectiveness of products and programs that feature interactive media. Interested? Contact Pam Buffington, June Mark, or Deborah Spencer.

Our country needs to make a fundamental shift in how we prepare students for algebra. To propel this shift, we offer resources on how to develop the key mathematical habits of mind that form the backbone of algebraic thinking. We also identify and share new approaches to helping students understand the most thorny algebraic topics. Interested? Contact Al Cuoco, Paul Goldenberg, or Deborah Schifter.

Our commitment to equity in education is realized in our efforts to make mathematics accessible to all students. Through this work, we gain and share insights into how to engage and encourage students who struggle with mathematics, including English language learners, students with disabilities, and children of poverty. Nationwide, we offer professional development and technical assistance to build capacity to help all students reach their potential in mathematics. Interested? Contact Mark Driscoll or Cheryl Tobey.

Working closely with schools and districts, we improve mathematics achievement by building students’ skills and knowledge and changing how they think about and approach problem-solving. Our curricula make mathematics learning engaging, challenging, and meaningful for students. To sustain transformations, we partner with teachers—offering intensive support to ensure they have the knowledge and tools they need to develop students’ mathematical thinking and effectively implement curricula. Interested? Contact Al Cuoco, Kevin Waterman, or Bowen Kerins.

We offer a wide array of programs and resources to sustain mathematics teachers’ professional learning. Regardless of format, the goal of our professional development remains the same. We want to help teachers develop a passion for and knowledge of the deep foundations of mathematics and translate that knowledge into effective instruction and assessment. Nationwide, we provide teachers with the tools they need to help their students develop the same passion and knowledge. Interested? Contact Wayne Harvey, Mark Driscoll, or Pam Buffington.