Join EDC at AERA 2013

San Francisco, CA

Explore the findings of 28 EDC researchers at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Our researchers will present on a range of topics, including strategies to promote P–12 STEM learning and STEM college and career success; lessons learned from our partnership in the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools; efforts to enhance mathematics learning and achievement; and technology-infused professional development. Learn more about our Research and Evaluation work.

12:00–1:30 Nancy Clark-Chiarelli, Jess Gropen, Cynthia Hoisington, Janna Fuccillo, Julie Hirschler Presentation: "Creating a Climate for Academically Productive Talk for At-Risk Children" Paper Session: Looking in the Classroom: Different Sources That Influence Teacher Practices
SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013
8:15–10:15 Caroline Parker, Christina Bonney, Michelle Schamberg, Cathlyn Stylinski (Univ. of Maryland), Carla McAuliffe (TERC) Presentation: "Authenticity in STEM Learning: A Framework for Technology Integration in the Classroom" Paper Session: Professional Learning and Technology
10:35–12:05 John Creswell (Univ. of Nebraska), Kristen Reed, Jessica Young Presentation: "A Multilevel Mixed-Methods Study of the Implementation of Mathematics Instructional Materials" Paper Session: Mixed Methods, Teaching, and Behavior
10:35–12:05 Daniel Light
Presentation: "Transforming Classroom Learning in India: A Technology-Infused Professional Development Case Study" Symposium: Transforming Teacher Education to Improve Learning for All Students
10:35–12:05 Kim Kastens, with former Columbia Unversity colleagues Ann E. Rivet, Alison Riley Miller, Cheryl Ann Lyons, Mariana Schmalstig Poster: "Assessing Science Reasoning Processes Across Topics: Challenges and Opportunities" Poster Session: Science Reasoning and Understanding
2:15–3:45 Cheryl King, Eliza Fabillar, Tom Haferd, Maria-Paz Avery Presentation: "Designing for Scale-Up: A Framework for Building System Capacity" Symposium: Effective High Schools: Insights from the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools
2:15–3:45 Lynn Goldsmith, Craig Hoyle, Ellen Winner (Boston College), Lois Hetland (Harvard Univ.) Presentation: "Can Intensive Visual Arts Study Lead to Improvements in Geometric Reasoning?" Roundtable: Studies in Geometry
MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013
2:45-4:15 Lois Joy, Lisa Marco-Bujosa Presentation: "Community College Pathways to STEM Education for Women: A Challenge to Gender Stereotypes?" Paper Session: Women, STEM, and Gender Matters
8:00–10:00 Kim Kastens with former Columbia University colleagues Cheryl Ann Lyons, Ann E. Rivet, Alison Riley Miller Presentation: "Variations in Earth Science Students' Strategies While Problem-Solving Using Spatial Representations" Paper Session: Teaching and Learning Practices
10:20–11:50 Kim Kastens and former Columbia Unversity colleagues Ann E. Rivet, Mariana Schmalstig, Cheryl Ann Lyons, Alison Riley Miller Presentation: "Developing a Composite Spatial Abilities Measure for Use in Science Education Research" Paper Session: Diverse Methodologies in Science Education
10:20–11:50 Alyssa Na'Im Chair Symposium: Working Toward STEM and Social Justice in Technologically Rich Settings
8:15–10:15 Peggy Clements Panelist Invited Panel: The Continuing Evolution of Cognition and Assessment in K–12: A Retrospective and a Look Ahead
12:25–1:55 Julie Kochanek Chair Paper Session: Trust and Transformation in Schools: Leading the Way
2:15–3:45 Deborah Schifter
Discussant Symposium: The Complexity of Mathematics Leaders Learning to Facilitate Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching