Join EDC at NCTM/NCSM 2013


Monday, April 15, 2013
Denver, CO

Join EDC at the 2013 National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Annual Conference and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research Pre-session (April 15–17) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting (April 17–20). EDC researchers will present sessions on the Common Core State Standards, algebraic thinking, curriculum implementation, meeting the needs of at-risk algebra students, effective professional development, supporting English learners, and other topics. If you plan to attend, be sure to get to an EDC session! Learn more about our Mathematics work.

Mon., 9:30–10:30 Mary Fries, Jane Kang Using Mathematical Puzzles and Dialogues to Build a Collaborative Community and Support At-Risk Algebra Students
Mon., 10:45–11:45 Deborah Schifter

A Constellation of Common Core Content and Practice Standards Around Multi-digit Computation

Mon., 10:45–11:45 Susan Creighton, Grace Kelemanik Developing Mathematical Practices in Algebra: A Course to Immerse Teachers and Students in the Standards for Mathematical Practices
Mon., 12:15–1:15 Mark Driscoll, Johannah Nikula, Rachel Wing DiMatteo, Peter Tierney-Fife


Coaching and Professional Development Targeting Mathematical Learning by Students who are English Learners: Integrating Mathematical Diagramming and Language Supports
Mon., 1:30–2:30 Johannah Nikula, Victor Mateas, Katherine Schwinden, June Mark

Supporting Teacher Learning about the Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards Using Student Dialogues that Model the Mathematical Practices

TUESDAY, APRIL 16 (NCSM and NCTM Research Pre-session)
Tues., 8:30–11:00 Sarah Sword (NCTM Research Pre-session) Assessing Secondary Teachers' Mathematical Habits of Mind
Tues., 8:45–9:45 Cheryl Tobey, Susan Creighton Supporting Teachers' Use of Effective Formative Assessment Practices: Examples from a Current PD Program Addressing Common Barriers and Solution
Tues., 10:00–11:00 Amy Brodesky, Emily Fagan Differentiated Professional Development: A Powerful Way to Help Teachers Build Math Knowledge for Teaching Fractions to Struggling Learners (Grades 4–6)
Tues., 2:30–3:30 Mark Driscoll, Johannah Nikula, Rachel Wing DiMatteo (Kristen Malzahn)  Opportunities to Reason: Key to Mathematics Success for English Learners
Tues., 3:00–4:30 June Mark, Josephine Louie (NCTM Research Pre-session) Perspectives and Strategies for Supporting Algebra Success for All Students
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17 (NCSM and NCTM Research Pre-session)
Weds., 8:45–9:45 Emily Fagan, Susan Creighton After the Professional Development Goes Away: Stories of Continuing and Scaling Up Formative Assessment Practices in Mathematics
Weds., 10:00–11:00 Susan Creighton, Grace Kelemanik Helping Teachers Engage with Math Practices: An Instructional Strategy to Look For and Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning
Weds., 10:00–11:00 Katherine Schwinden, June Mark, Kristen Reed District and School Leadership that Supports the Implementation of Mathematics Instructional Materials: What We¹ve Learned from 12 Districts
Weds., 11:15–12:15 Mary Wedow, Jess Gropen, Al Cuoco, Miriam Gates Experience Before Formality: Supporting Mathematical Practices in Eighth Grade Algebra
Weds., 1:00–2:30 Deborah Schifter (Susan Jo Rusell, Virgina Bastable, Megan Franke, Linda Davenport, Vicki Jacobs) (NCTM Research Pre-session) Elementary Teacher and Student Learning about Generalization and Proof
TBA Mark Driscoll, Johannah Nikula, Rachel Wing DiMatteo (Dan Heck, Kristen Malzahn  Evelyn Gordon) (NCTM Pre-session) Making the Most of Methodological Decisions
Thurs., 8:00–9:00 Mark Driscoll (Daniel Chazan, Megan Franke) Teaching and Learning of Algebraic Thinking: Research Insights
Thurs., 9:45–11:00 Mary Fries, Jane Kang, Paul Goldenberg Strategies for Engaging Algebra Learners: Puzzles that Promote Mathematical Reasoning
Thurs., 11:00–12:00 Mark Driscoll K–16 Algebraic Thinking: A Mathematical Perspective
Thurs., 12:30–1:30 Amy Brodesky, Emily Fagan Powerful Practices to Make Mathematics More Accessible to Struggling Learners
Thurs., 1:00–2:15 Mark Driscoll (Megan Franke, Daniel Chazan) Research in Algebraic Thinking: Continuing the Conversation
Fri., 8:00–9:00 Paul Goldenberg (Patricio Herbst, Eric Knuth) Teaching and Learning of Proof: Research Insights
Fri., 9:30–10:30 Paul Goldenberg Babies, Brain Science, and Elementary Mathematics: Research We Can Use