Friday, April 11, 2014
New Orleans, LA

Join EDC at the 2014 National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Annual Conference (April 7–9), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research Conference (April 7–9), and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting (April 9–12). This year, 34 of our mathematics education experts will present sessions on topics such as formative assessment, effective professional development, curriculum implementation, the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) Standards for Mathematical Practice, innovative strategies to support English learners and at-risk algebra students, and using non-traditional courses to promote college and career readiness. If you plan to attend, be sure to get to an EDC session! Learn more about our Mathematics work.

MONDAY, APRIL 7 (NCSM Conference and NCTM Research Conference)
Mon., 9:30–10:30 Emily Fagan (NCSM Conference) Using Student Work in PD: Powerful Approaches for Identifying Students’ Fractions Understandings/Difficulties and Targeting Instruction for Struggling Learners
Mon., 10:45–11:45 June Mark, Katherine Schwinden, Kristen Reed (NCSM Conference)

Implementation of Elementary Mathematics Materials: How School and District Support Influences Teacher Use of Materials and Fourth Grade Test Scores

Mon., 2:45–3:45 June Mark, Victor Mateas, Johannah Nikula (NCSM Conference) Professional Development for Implementing the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Mon., 4:00–5:00 Pam Buffington, Cheryl Tobey Fractions and Decimals Misconceptions: Supporting Teachers' Use of Formative Assessments
TUESDAY, APRIL 8 (NCSM Conference and NCTM Research Conference)
Tues., 8:30–9:45 Zuzka Blasi, Mike Steele, Jess Gropen, Miriam Gates, Mary Beth Piecham, Louisa Anastasopoulos, Josephine Louie, Mary Wedow (NCTM Research Conference) Teachers' Fidelity of Implementation to CME Project Algebra 1
Tues., 10:00–11:00 Deborah Schifter and Virginia Bastable (NCSM Conference) A Constellation of Common Core Content and Practice Standards Around Comparing, Multiplying, and Dividing with Fractions
Tues., 10:00–11:00 Amy Brodesky (NCSM Conference) Seeking an Alternative to One-Size-Fits-All PD? Learn Ways to Differentiate PD for Teachers on Rational Numbers
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 (NCSM Conference, NCTM Research Conference, NCTM Annual Meeting)
Weds., 10:00–11:00 Johannah Nikula, Jill Neumayer DePiper, Mark Driscoll (NCSM Conference) Strategies for Supporting English Learners in the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Weds., 10:00–11:00 Eric Karnowski, Cheryl Tobey (NCSM Conference) The Power of Positive Feedback
Weds., 10:00–11:00 Ryota Matsuura, Sarah Sword, Al Cuoco, Miriam Gates, Jane Kang, Glenn Stevens (NCSM Conference) Assessing Secondary Teachers' Mathematical Habits of Mind
Weds., 12:30–1:00 Jill Neumayer DePiper, Johannah Nikula, Mark Driscoll (NCTM Research Conference) Professional Development Integrating Math and Language Supports for English Learners  
Weds., 1:15–2:30 Kristen Reed, Jessica Young, June Mark (NCTM Research Conference) Implementing Elementary Mathematics Materials
Weds., 2:15–3:15 Cheryl Tobey, Eric Karnowski (NCSM Conference)

Supporting Teacher Use of Student-Focused Formative Assessment Practices: Tools and Strategies to Address Common Implementation Barriers

Weds., 2:30–3:30 Matt McLeod, Al Cuoco, Miriam Gates, Jess Gropen, Mary Wedow, Courtney Arthur (NCSM Conference) Building Assessments Focused on the Standards for Mathematical Practice: Lessons Learned From LTA
THURSDAY, APRIL 10 (NCTM Annual Meeting)
Thurs., 1:00–2:15 Mary Fries, Jane Kang, Paul Goldenberg

Building Puzzles: Promoting Engagement, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematical Communication

Thurs., 3:30–4:30 Jane Kang, Mary Fries, Paul Goldenberg

Problem Posing: Bringing Logic to Problem Solving for At-Risk Algebra Students

Thurs., 3:30–4:30 Kevin Waterman, Al Cuoco, Elena Kaczorowski

Essential Fourth-Year Alternatives for College and Career Readiness

FRIDAY, APRIL 11 (NCTM Annual Meeting)
Weds., 2:00–3:00 Bowen Kerins
Super Mathematics of Game Shows