100Kin10 Campaign Reaches Out to Recruit Teachers

Image from 100Kin10

As a partner in the 100Kin10 network, EDC is proud to support 100Kin10’s campaign to recruit 100,000 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers by 2021. The campaign has kicked into high gear with a new "Blow Minds: Teach STEM" website, major social media outreach via Thunderclap, and a message for grads with STEM degrees: “If you are/were a science, tech, engineering, or math major, you can harness your knowledge and use it to blow minds. Become a teacher and help us create cerebrally endowed super squadrons to unleash on the future.” The Thunderclap campaign reached almost 13 million people. In the months and years ahead, EDC will continue to work with our partners in 100Kin10 to advance this campaign to train and hire 100,000 highly skilled STEM teachers.

Last Updated: September 2014