Cuoco and Sword Present at Congressional Breakfast Briefing

Inspiring Teachers Report Cover

At an April 16 invitation-only breakfast briefing held in Washington, DC during the National Math Policy Day that kicked off the country’s first National Math Festival, EDC Distinguished Scholar Al Cuoco and Senior Research Scientist Sarah Sword (pictured below) presented EDC’s new briefing paper, Inspiring Teachers. Briefing attendees included dozens of U.S. lawmakers, including Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Al Franken, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Senator Harry Reid.


Inspiring Teachers explores “leadership oriented professional development” and highlights four programs that exemplify this approach to inspiring and supporting teachers. The briefing paper also summarizes the guiding principles that make these programs so effective. These include providing teachers with opportunities to do authentic mathematics, to experience mathematics as a student does, to provide authentic mathematical experiences for their students, to become leaders in their profession, and to build communities.

Sponsored by The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and The Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution, the breakfast briefing also featured presentations by Math for America President John Ewing, Senator Franken, and Patrick Honner, a mathematics teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School.

Last Updated: April 2015