EDC and Crystal Bridges Museum Create Online Course

Kirsten Peterson

In a partnership with the unique Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, a team led by Kirsten Peterson (at left)—and including Candace Brooks, Jesse Campbell, Nevin Katz, Carolyn Ronchinsky, and  Deidre Searcy—is developing an engaging online course, "Museum Mash-Up," that will challenge students to make their own meaning of art. Blending art and history exploration, the course will immerse students in thinking about what artists were going through at the time they created their work; examining the impact of identity, conflict, and environment on art; and connecting what they learn to their own life and world. Students will also learn about museum careers and, in a culminating project, curate a virtual exhibition.

“The course will focus on real Crystal Bridges artwork, be very rich in content, and be highly interactive and collaborative,” says Peterson. “Our instructional design will help kids learn how to define themes in artwork that are meaningful to them. And, we’ve chosen the best tools to help them understand the whole process of curating an exhibit. We’re using the Kapsul tool to help them practice creating and pruning collections based on the themes they choose. In their final project, they will use a 3-D simulation of the museum’s Gallery 5—designed by the University of Arkansas for this course—to curate and mount their own virtual exhibits. We’re also developing a teacher portal which we hope will serve as a lasting resource for the Crystal Bridges community.”

On January 27 from 3:00-4:00 ET, Peterson and "Museum Mash-Up" collaborators Anne Kraybill from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Bruce Friend of Friend Consulting will share their work on the course in a free webinar, "Expanding Education in the Visual Arts through Digital Learning." Pre-registration is not required for this event. Go to the webinar room on January 27 at 3:00.

Last updated: December 2014