EDC and GlassLab: New NSF-Funded Study on Digital Game-Based Formative Assessment

Peggy Clements

With a new grant from the National Science Foundation, Principal Investigator (PI) Peggy Clements (at left) and co-PI Jim Diamond will collaborate with their partner GlassLab to advance the field’s knowledge of how to support middle school science teachers in interpreting and using digital game-based formative assessment data to enhance their students’ learning. In the first two years of the three year project, the team will work with 60 middle-grade science teachers to revise and expand Playfully, GlassLab’s online formative assessment and data-reporting dashboard. In the third year, the team will conduct a rigorous study to determine whether teachers' use of the revised Playfully dashboard and related resources lead to increases in differentiated instruction and learning gains for students. Although the dashboard can be used with multiple digital games, the study will focus on a video game designed to teach argumentation at the middle school level.

Clements said, “The input from the teachers—who are key partners in the study and work in diverse school settings nationwide—is an essential part of this study. Their experience using Playfully will provide new insights into effective, evidence-based strategies for supporting the use of data for assessment, as well as serve to inform the design and implementation of data dashboards. We are so pleased to be working with GlassLab in this important effort.”

Last Updated: October 2015