EDC and IBM to Define What it Means to Be "Data Literate"

Picture of Randy Kochevar

On October 4 to 6, EDC's Oceans of Data Institute and IBM will team up to discuss what it means to be "data literate" in the era of big data. During an intensive three-day workshop guided by EDC’s Joyce Malyn-Smith and Joe Ippolito, a panel of experts from business and education—including some of the same experts who helped identify what it means to be a big data-enabled specialist—will work together to develop a detailed picture of what a data literate individual knows and is able to do. With this knowledge, they will draft the beginnings of a data literacy framework for K-12 classrooms. Randy Kochevar (at left), the Director of the Oceans of Data Institute, notes, "This is an ambitious project to be sure, and it comes at a critical moment for U.S. education. Today's students must be more data literate than previous generations, but little has changed in most K-12 classrooms. I am hopeful that this workshop will help jumpstart this conversation, and am optimistic that we will make real progress towards a new vision for data instruction in schools."

Last Updated: September 2015