EDC to Develop Early Childhood Science Courses in Connecticut

Cultivating young scientists

The Institute of Education Sciences has awarded a three-year, $1.5-million development and innovation grant to EDC and its partner, the Connecticut Science Center, to develop and implement two early-childhood education science courses for teachers in the Hartford, Connecticut, area. "Cultivating Young Scientists: Expanding Foundations of Science Literacy" builds on two previous IES grants to EDC focused on early science learning as well as on two volumes in EDC's Young Scientist Series: Discovering Nature with Young Children and Building Structures with Young Children.

The project team will create a professional development model providing coaching to teachers as well as support for administrators, to ensure full implementation. EDC will also measure children’s learning gains and teachers’ implementation of effective teaching strategies. For more information, contact PI Jess Gropen.

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Last Updated: February 2012