EDC to Form Researcher-Practitioner Partnership with Yale and Connecticut CES

Photo of Clare Irwin

With an almost $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences, EDC, grantee Yale University, and Cooperative Educational Services (CES) of Connecticut will form a researcher-practitioner partnership focused on improving early childhood education. Led by Yale University Principal Investigator Michael Strambler and EDC’s Co-Investigator Clare Irwin (at left), preliminary studies will investigate how children perform on the state’s preschool measures; explore how preschool child outcomes predict kindergarten outcomes; and identify teacher and school-level factors that contribute to preschool and kindergarten performance. Over the next two years, the partnership’s research agenda will continue to be developed collaboratively with Bridgeport, Norwalk, and Stamford public school districts as well as stakeholders from the newly formed Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

Irwin commented, “So often, research is not used by practitioners to inform their decisions because it is not relevant or timely. By working collaboratively with practitioners to frame the research questions, develop studies, and disseminate results, we have a unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of Connecticut’s youngest children through rigorous, relevant, and timely research.” Strambler noted, “In order for research to benefit communities, it is important that the members of those communities be involved in the process. The primary aim of the research alliance is to build a partnership between practitioners, researchers, child advocates, and policymakers that is informed by them and helps serve the educational needs of young children.”  

Last Updated: July 2014