EDC Receives NSF DRK-12 Award

Al Cuoco

EDC has received a National Science Foundation Discovery Research K–12 award to conduct an exploratory study: Electronic Communities for Mathematics Instruction (eCMI). Over the next two years, PI Al Cuoco (shown at left) and co-PIs Bowen Kerins and Eden Badertscher—in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Study and the Park City Mathematics Institute—will implement and study eCMI, an innovative professional development model. Designed to increase high school mathematics teachers’ content knowledge and deepen their understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), eCMI will also move into practice the recommendations of the Mathematical Education of Teachers II (MET-II) report.

eCMI draws upon EDC's 12 years of experience engaging high school mathematics teachers in effective, intensive professional learning through the Park City Mathematics Institute summer program. The study team seeks to replicate the effectiveness of the Institute, while increasing the reach of the program through a blend of online and face-to-face platforms. Study findings have the potential to advance the field’s knowledge of labor- and cost-effective strategies to build teachers’ capacity to enhance students’ learning and achievement.

Last Updated: August 2013