EDC Selected to Study the Impact of PBS LearningMedia

Babette Moeller

Through a new partnership with PBS, EDC will conduct an evaluation to understand how educators are using PBS LearningMedia™ in classrooms nationwide. PBS LearningMedia™ provides teachers with digital resources, related information such as lesson plans, and professional development to help them fully utilize digital learning. Over the next year, a team led by Babette Moeller (shown at left)—and including Alice Anderson, Loulou Bangura, Pilar Gonzalez, Noah Goodman, Naomi Hupert, Ashley Lewis Presser, and Elizabeth Pierson—will assess the impact of the service on teachers’ classroom practices, the quality of instruction, and student learning. The evaluation will include a large-scale, national survey of 1,000 PBS Learning Media™ users, as well as an in-depth, rigorous impact study with a group of teachers and their students.

Last Updated: December 2013