EDC, SRI Find Children's Math Learning Improves with Home Use of PBS KIDS’ PEG + CAT

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For a decade, EDC's and SRI's summative evaluation of the U.S. Department of Education-funded Ready To Learn initiative has advanced knowledge of how "transmedia" resources—video, online games, tablet-based apps, and print activities—can enhance the school readiness of young children. In an EDC press release made public on November 19, EDC and SRI shared findings from their most recent Ready To Learn study that highlight the importance of making quality transmedia resources available to children and adults, especially those in low-income households. Our researchers found that children who used media content from the PBS KIDS’ series PEG + CAT showed stronger improvement in critical math areas involving ordinal numbers, spatial relationships, and 3-D shapes than children in a control group. Their families showed greater comfort and confidence in supporting their children with math concepts and problem-solving strategies, a higher frequency of joint parent-child technology use, and more conversation connecting digital media and daily life.

“We have seen a pattern that these resources can indeed help with school readiness,” said EDC’s Shelley Pasnik, vice president and director of the Center for Children and Technology. “Introducing young children to key mathematical skills and providing positive models of social and emotional behaviors as well as technology use all serve to prepare children for preschool and kindergarten.” Our research team will present findings from the study at the 2015 National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Orlando, the 2015 National Head Start Association Parent and Family Engagement conference in San Diego, and the 2016 American Educational Research Association conference in Washington, DC.

Last Updated: November 2015