EDC to Study Role of Social Media in Public Science Discourse

Photo of Daniel Light

EDC has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to study the role of social media in public science discourse. The new study represents a significant advance in social media research. To date, much of the existing literature on social media tools, such as Twitter, has involved quantitative analysis of the number of followers and has focused on the volume, rather than the nature, of the communication. In contrast, EDC's study will examine how the public understands and uses information shared by respected science institutions via social media.

Over the next two years, a team led by Daniel Light (at left) and including Bronwyn Taggart, Michelle Cerrone, and Noah Goodman will develop, pilot, and validate instruments to assess the role of social media in fostering the public's science learning. The team will focus its research on the Twitter communications of three types of institutions: science museums, wildlife education societies, and government science agencies. Learn more about the study.

Last Updated: August 2014