EDC to Support ATCx3 Consortium

Ilene Kantrov

EDC is advancing the efforts of Georgia's ATC Times Three (ATCx3) Consortium—Athens Technical College, Albany Technology College, and Atlanta Technical College. The ATCx3 Consortium has received a $13.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to develop more pathways for students to earn college credentials in engineering technology. ATCx3 members are collaborating with four-year institutions of higher education in Georgia, state workforce investment boards, and business partners to create new programs in Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Environmental Engineering Technology, and Nano Engineering Technology.

The EDC team—led by Ilene Kantrov (above left) and Joe Ippolito, and including Joyce Malyn-Smith and Jessica Juliuson—will build the capacity of faculty and their business partners to develop and implement problem-based curriculum that integrates academic and technical learning in the targeted engineering technology courses. The team is also developing a guide to the process of designing problem-based lessons. Kantrov said, "This new project gives us a great opportunity to build on our prior work in supporting collaboration between industry partners and educators in preparing an academically and technically proficient workforce. It will also allow us to expand our support for educators' use of problem-based learning grounded in real-world contexts beyond K–12."

Last Updated: September 2013