EDC Website Spotlights Work to Bridge STEM Education Research and Practice

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EDC has launched a new website featuring our collaborative work with practitioners in Auburn, Maine schools to help teachers promote strong, research-based mathematical thinking among K–2 students. Developed with communications support from Peter Orne, the new Interactive STEM website shares practice briefs, reports, and other resources that the Interactive STEM team—Principal Investigator Pam Buffington, Josephine Louie, Catherine McCulloch, Marian Pasquale, Amy Busey, and Jennifer Stiles—has developed from their participation in the Research + Practice Collaboratory (R+P Collaboratory). A new video describes the work:

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the R+P Collaboratory—a partnership among the Exploratorium (lead partner), EDC, SRI International, the University of Colorado-Boulder, and the University of Washington—is a five-year initiative to strengthen connections between research and practice in K–12 STEM education across formal and informal settings. At R+P Collaboratory Adaptation Sites in California, and Seattle, as well as in Maine, researchers and practitioners are working together to identify, test, refine, and document strategies to address persistent challenges in STEM education. In April 2015, EDC and representatives from the Auburn, Maine Adaptation Site presented findings from our R+P Collaboratory work at the Annual Meeting of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and 2015 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research Conferences in Boston, Mass. View presentations from our partners Mike Muir (Auburn School Department) and Jere Confrey (North Carolina State University):

Last Updated: July 2015