EDC's "Transition to Algebra" Curriculum Available in May 2014

Photo of June Mark

A new EDC mathematics curriculum that takes a fresh approach to supporting Grade 6–10 students' algebra learning will be published by Heinemann in May 2014. Authored by June Mark (at left), Paul Goldenberg, Mary Fries, Jane Kang, and Tracy Cordner, Transition to Algebra builds on EDC's long history of developing curriculum and professional development focused on fostering mathematical habits of mind. Developed with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Transition to Algebra is based on research that shows that, in order to be successful with algebra, students must be able to shift their focus from the numbers themselves to reasoning about the operations on those numbers. To facilitate this shift, Transition to Algebra lets students use their own logic to make sense of and succeed in mathematics, presenting algebra as a commonsense, understandable subject. The curriculum aligns to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Standards for Mathematical Practice

Last Updated: April 2014