New EDC Book Helps Math Teachers Support English Learners

New EDC book gives math teachers strategies to support English learners

A new EDC book gives Grades 4–8 teachers classroom-ready strategies and routines to help them foster the mathematics success of English learners and enhance all students' understanding and enjoyment of math. Published by Heinemann and authored by Mark Driscoll, Johannah Nikula, and Jill Neumayer DePiper, Mathematical Thinking and Communication: Access for English Learners is based on extensive research and collaboration with teachers, coaches, and schools. The authors describe how to use "visual representations"(gestures, drawings, models, manipulatives, and technology) to support students' reasoning and communication. They also share the benefits of weaving visual representations into daily instruction, including helping teachers support engagement in problem solving, facilitate mathematical dialogue, and notice evidence of students’ thinking that they can use to provide more engaging and equitable instruction.

To learn more about the authors' approach, bookmark the Heinemann website's blog and be on the lookout for posts by our authors. Right now, read blog posts by Johannah Nikula ("Supporting English Learners in the Mathematics Classroom") and Jill Neumayer DePiper ("Promoting English Learners' Geometric Reasoning"), and view the video below in which Jill and Mark discuss what "access for English learners" means, what it can look like, how it can vary, and the important role it plays in closing opportunity gaps, deepening students' understanding, and promoting students' successful mathematics learning.



Last Updated: May 2016