New K-12 Formative Assessment Series Focuses on Math, Common Core

Emily Fagan

In a four-book series published by Corwin, "Uncovering Student Thinking about Mathematics in the Common Core," Emily Fagan (shown at left) and Cheryl Tobey give K–12 teachers the tools they need to “get to the core” of their students’ understanding of math. Each book provides grade-specific “formative assessment probes”—questions to identify students’ understanding of key subconcepts in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics—that help teachers tailor their instruction to correct misconceptions and enrich mathematics learning. Building on Tobey’s long-standing work on diagnostic assessment, Tobey and Fagan co-authored the Grades K–2 and Grades 3–5 volumes. Fagan says, “Formative assessment probes are a powerful diagnostic strategy that teachers can use to uncover students’ misconceptions and difficulties. By pinpointing specific areas of difficulty, teachers can plan responsive instruction to deepen student understanding. I was excited to partner with Cheryl and Carolyn in creating this new resource for teachers.”

Last Updated: January 2014