New K-2 PARCC Performance Tasks Help Math Teachers Enhance Students’ Learning

Matt McLeod

Working closely with PARCC and The Center: Resources For Teaching and Learning, Matt McLeod has led an EDC team in developing 16 K-2 PARCC performance tasks—games and other engaging activities—that support math teachers in gauging and supporting their students’ understanding of Common Core concepts. "We were so glad that PARCC reached out to us to design these tasks for K-2 students, and we really enjoyed the work of creating them,” McLeod said. “During the field testing, we heard from teachers that they gained insight into students' understandings of key Common Core content, and we hope that holds true for many more teachers. We also hope that kids thoroughly enjoy the tasks (and learn something too), because that’s what really matters."

The EDC team, which includes McLeod, Paul Goldenberg, Kate Coleman, Courtney Arthur, Mary Wedow, Jessica Young, Kristen Reed, and Una MacDowell, began their work by participating in the development of Evidence Statements to guide the design of the tasks. They went on to design the K-2 tasks—accompanied by in-depth descriptions of the mathematics in the tasks, the importance of the mathematics, and connections to prior and future mathematics learning—that are now available on PARCC’s Partnership Resource Center website. Although you must sign into the PARCC website to use the tasks, you can learn more about the tasks in a brief course and see an overview of the tasks without signing in.

Last Updated: November 2015