Pasnik Presents on Potential and Pitfalls of Technology for Children

Shelley Pasnik

On March 26, EDC Vice President and Director of the Center for Children and Technology Shelley Pasnik presented at the New America Foundation event, Beyond Screen Time: Early Learning and Digital Media. Pasnik, Illah Nourbakhsh, Lauren Rubenzahl, and Lesli Rotenberg were featured in a panel discussion, "Fostering Relationships and Building Skills: The Potential and Pitfalls of TV, Video, and Interactive Games," hosted by Lisa Guernsey, the director of New America's Early Education Initiative. The video of the event is available now on YouTube.

Funded by the Grable Foundation, Beyond Screen Time sought to address the questions: "What are researchers, educators, and parents discovering at the intersection of digital media and early learning?" and "How do their discoveries stack up against current policies to support quality interactions at home and in classrooms?" In addition to panel discussions and presentations, the event featured innovative exhibits and networking opportunities.

Updated: March 2014