UDL Curriculum Toolkit Launches

UDL Curriculum Toolkit

The trailblazing open-source UDL (Universal Design for Learning) Curriculum Toolkit has launched and is now available to explore and use. Over the past four years, a team—Principal Investigator June Foster, Irene Baker, Jackie Miller, Kathy Paget, Chris Brown, Zach Hallinan, and Erica Jablonski—co-developed the UDL Curriculum Toolkit with colleagues from CAST and the University of Michigan under a National Science Foundation (NSF) Collaborative Discovery Research K–12 grant. Foster noted that the UDL Curriculum Toolkit is “…the first system of its kind, built to enable other curriculum developers and researchers to design 'from scratch,' as well as to retrofit existing curricula into a UDL-supported, scaffolded learning environment for middle and high school students.”

One of the Toolkit’s exemplars is based on EDC’s Foundation Science, a comprehensive high school science curriculum developed with NSF funding. Foundation Science comprises four full-year introductory courses in chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science, addresses national science standards, and stresses rigorous, inquiry-oriented learning in contexts that are relevant to students.

Last Updated: September 2012