New EDC Website Deepens Understanding of Infectious Diseases

Picture of ebola virus from new EDC Exploring Infectious Diseases website

Every 12 to 18 months, an outbreak of infectious disease erupts somewhere in the world. EDC’s new, free interactive Web resource, Exploring Infectious Diseases, tackles this challenge head-on by providing engaging, scientifically accurate materials to raise awareness of infectious diseases and guide informed decision-making during outbreaks and epidemics.

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School-age Care and OST: A Conversation about the OST Workforce

In this article, EDC Senior Project Director Tony Streit shares his insights on the unique needs and challenges of the out-of-school time (OST) workforce and describes the mission and work of the EDC-led National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment: "We want to help people to understand the importance of the role of school-age care within the domain of out-of-school time. There doesn’t seem to be an awareness of how child care funding can be used for after-school and summer care, where funds are going and how they support child care services. Some of our goals are to examine strategies to increase access to these services and the use of child care funds for afterschool and summer programs. As well, we want to elevate quality across the board by sharing quality efforts and promising practices where there is innovation and indicators of success. … We are looking for models [nationally] for increasing access and improving quality in a range of settings to have the broadest impact."


Youth Today

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Wed, 06/01/2016

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EDC Early STEM Learning Experts Present at Fostering STEM Trajectories Forum

EDC experts take part in Fostering STEM Trajectories Forum

On May 31 and June 1, EDC Vice President Shelley Pasnik, Senior Curriculum Designer Cynthia Hoisington, and Senior Training and Technical Assistance Associate Jeff Winokur presented at and took part in a national forum hosted by New America and Joan Ganz Cooney Center, “Fostering STEM Trajectories: Bridging ECE Research, Practice, & Policy,” that engaged thought leaders in prioritizing plans to address challenges in early STEM learning.

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2016 DRK–12 Event Focuses on Impacts, Bridging Research and Practice, and Digital Media

CADRE at EDC supports and shares innovative DRK-12 STEM education R&D

On June 1–3, EDC convened 230 National Science Foundation (NSF) Discovery Research K–12 (DRK–12) awardees and 20 NSF program officers to share strategies, impacts, and challenges in their innovative work to improve STEM education. Held in Washington, DC, the invitational meeting had a special focus on exploring the role of digital media in fostering deep STEM and cross-disciplinary learning and also engaged participants in examining how STEM education R&D can best address the needs of practitioners.

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3 Major Ways to Boost Basic Data Literacy in K-16

This article spotlights the report "Building Global Interest in Data Literacy: A Dialogue" authored and published by EDC's Oceans of Data Institute: "Focusing on three specific areas could be key to boosting K-16 students’ data literacy in a world where big data’s importance grows daily, according to a new report. EDC’s Oceans of Data Institute (ODI) convened an expert panel of data analysts and educators for a workshop on data literacy, and panelists focused on what it means to be data literate in today’s world of big data, as well as what to teach students to prepare them to be part of today’s workforce and society. The panelists’ recommendations are included in a new report, Building Global Interest in Data Literacy: A Dialogue. During their discussion, panelists developed and endorsed a data definition: The data-literate individual understands, explains, and documents the utility and limitations of data by becoming a critical consumer of data, controlling his/her personal data trail, finding meaning in data, and taking action based on data. The data-literate individual can identify, collect, evaluate, analyze, interpret, present, and protect data."


eSchool News

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Fri, 05/20/2016

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2016 NSF STEM Video Showcase Spotlights Work to Broaden Participation in STEM

EDC fosters successful STEM learning from preschool through college

From May 17 to 23, nine videos by EDC researchers and instructional designers will be featured in the National Science Foundation's (NSF) 2016 STEM Video Showcase. View EDC's nine videos here.

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