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Amy Brodesky
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Amy Brodesky, a mathematics curriculum developer and professional development specialist, focuses on improving mathematics instruction for struggling learners with and without disabilities. She has led six related National Science Foundation (NSF)–funded projects, including her current project, Strengthening Mathematics Intervention Classes: Identifying and Addressing Challenges to Improve Instruction for Struggling Learners (SMI), that advance knowledge in this key aspect of mathematics learning and teaching.  The SMI project is studying current math intervention practices in the middle grades in order to create professional development (PD) and resources for teachers aimed at strengthening intervention and support for students.

Brodesky was the lead developer of an innovative model to differentiate PD to address teachers’ wide range of prior knowledge and experiences, using an approach described in “Moving Beyond One-Size-Fits-All PD: Differentiating Professional Learning for Teachers”. Using this differentiated model, the project team created three blended PD courses for teachers on fractions, decimal, and integer concepts from the Common Core State Standards. Brodesky co-authored an article, “Targeting Instruction with Formative Assessment Probes”, describing their approach to building teachers’ diagnostic approaches for identifying and addressing the mathematics learning needs of struggling learners.

Previously, Brodesky was the study leader and coauthor of “Math Education Practices for Students with Disabilities and Struggling Learners: Case Studies of Six Schools from Two Northeast States” and "Performance Patterns for Students with Disabilities in Grade 4 Mathematics Education in New York State" along with a similar study for Massachusetts.

Brodesky has extensive experience developing mathematics education materials, including the NSF-funded middle-grades program MathScape and the IBM-supported, technology-intensive program Measurement, Time, and Money for elementary children. She is the lead author of the article, "A Model for Collaboration" (Educational Leadership) and the coauthor of Digging into Data with TinkerPlots, a book of data analysis lessons for the middle grades.

Before coming to EDC, she was an educational software writer with Tom Snyder Productions.

Brodesky received her EdM in technology in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.