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Bowen Kerins
Senior Research Scientist

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43 Foundry Avenue
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-8313



Bowen Kerins is a core member of the author team for the CME Project high school mathematics curriculum. He is highly experienced in current techniques and procedures used in the design, development, and implementation of curriculum, curriculum‐based professional development, instruction, and assessments. Recently, he was the lead author on the Common Core and Integrated versions of the series.

As a key member of the writing team for Linear Algebra and Geometry: Advanced Mathematics for More Students, he developed materials—a core semester that introduces students to vectors and matrices, accompanied by six to ten standalone modules devoted to applications of this mathematics—for a high school linear algebra course that seeks to increase student participation in advanced mathematics courses.

Since 2001, Kerins has taught and designed the curriculum for the Park City Mathematics Institute’s program for high school teachers. For many years, he has worked with the PROMYS program at Boston University. As a core advisor on all five strands of WGBH’s Learning Math—a website and video series—he advanced goals to help teachers learn more mathematical content.

Kerins is the lead author of three books published by the American Mathematical Society: Famous Functions in Number Theory, Applications of Algebra and Geometry to the Work of Teaching, and Probability through Algebra. He regularly presents his work at the annual conferences of organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, where he has led a session on "The Mathematics of Game Shows" for many years.

Before joining EDC, Kerins was a high school mathematics teacher for four years, teaching all grades and all levels from Algebra I to AP Calculus. He also served as a trainer for The MathWorks company in Natick, Massachusetts.

He has a BS in mathematics from Stanford University and an MA in teaching secondary mathematics from Boston University.