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Marian Pasquale
Senior Research Scientist

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43 Foundry Avenue
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-8313



Marian Pasquale has deep expertise in middle grade and high school science professional development, technical assistance, and curriculum development. She leads and co-leads numerous innovative science education initiatives and designs and leads professional development that focuses on integrating inquiry into standards-aligned science instruction.

Pasquale is the co-Principal Investigator of EDC's Science Fairs Under the 'Scope study, an in-depth investigation of science fairs in the U.S. that will provide new insights into if and how science fairs increase students’ interest in STEM and/or STEM careers, if and and how participation in select models of middle school science fairs enhance students’ mastery of the science and engineering practices, and the costs and resources required to implement an effective middle school science fair. She is also the science specialist for the Amgen Biotech Experience Program Office at EDC.

In her work for the National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Research and Practice Collaboratory that EDC co-leads, Pasquale authored and co-authored several publications focused on effective strategies to enhance STEM instruction and improve STEM learning outcomes for young children. These include: "Productive Struggle in Mathematics," "How Teachers Can Develop Formative Assessments That Fit A Three-Dimensional View of Science Learning," and "Preliminary Guidelines for Using Interactive Mobile Technologies in Early Elementary Mathematics."

Pasquale served as the Senior Science Curriculum Developer for EDC's National Research and Development Center on Educational Technology. In this capacity, she collaborated with colleagues to develop four digital games—and related professional development materials for teachers—that are designed to help improve students' understanding of phenomena that are often the subject of scientific misconceptions. Previously, she served as a professional development specialist for EDC's Foundation Science high school curriculum and was a senior curriculum writer for EDC’s Insights in Biology high school curriculum.

For several years, Pasquale has developed and led courses—including "Teaching Science Through the Inquiry Process" and "Project-Based Classroom Science"—for the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair. In summer 2014, she designed and taught an Earth Science Professional Development Institute funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

Pasquale regularly presents on the topics of middle school science, assessment, science and literacy, and the use of games to enhance science learning. Recently, she has provided sessions at the National Science Teachers Association Annual Conference, the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association ("Using Students' Naive Theories to Design Games for Middle Grades Science"), the National Association for Research on Science Teaching Annual Conference, the WNET Celebration of Learning, and the Games, Learning, and Society Conference.

She is the co-author of the books Making Science Mentors: A 10-Session Guide for Middle Grades and Guiding Curriculum Decisions for Middle-Grades Science, as well as the articles "Providing School and District-Level Support for Science Education Reform" (Science Educator) and "Models of Providing Science Instruction in the Elementary Grades: A Research Agenda to Inform Policy Makers" (Science Educator).

Pasquale has consulted with public television in the development of the Learning Science Through Inquiry series funded by Annenberg/CPB. She has designed and conducted professional development and technical assistance for middle and high school administrators and teacher leaders throughout the nation, including the Portland (OR), New York City, Cambridge (MA), and Fort Wayne (TX) public schools. 

Before joining EDC, Pasquale was the K–6 Science Coordinator for the Haverhill. Massachusetts, Public Schools, where she was a seventh and eighth grade science teacher for over 20 years.

Pasquale received a BA from Emmanuel College and an MEd in Curriculum, Instruction, and Administration in Science Education from Boston College.