Ruth Rouvier


Ruth Rouvier
Senior Research Associate

Mailing Address: 

43 Foundry Avenue
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-8313



Ruth Rouvier’s extensive expertise in documentation, maintenance, and revitalization of endangered languages informs her work connecting children's linguistic and cultural heritage to their early learning—an approach that has been shown to have positive effects on children’s academic success and well-being.

Currently, Rouvier is designing and leading a National Science Foundation-funded workshop that will engage experts in language acquisition, early childhood development, linguistics, statistics, and public health, in examining the impact of endangered language documentation on the learning and academic success of young children. Previously, she worked with EDC's National Center on Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness team and tribal communities to develop tools and resources, such as A Report on Tribal Language Revitalization in Head Start and Early Head Start, that support American Indian and Alaskan Native Head Start centers in planning and implementing language revitalization programs.

Rouvier is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Pro-Moskitia Foundation of Nicaragua and serves on the Linguistic Society of America’s Committee on Endangered Languages and Their Preservation. She teaches courses in Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, conducts workshops in language documentation, presents her findings at the annual conferences of such organizations as the Linguistic Society of America, and shares her insights in publications such as The Washington Post

Rouvier is a Research Collaborator for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Before joining EDC, she was the program manager for the Smithsonian's Recovering Voices initiative. Earlier in her career, she was the language program coordinator for the Karuk Tribe.

She received a BA and MA in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley.