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EDC’s Learning and Teaching Division produces resources in the form of reports, books, Web-based tools, and multimedia for stakeholders across the education continuum. Some of these resources are developed exclusively by EDC while others are the result of collaborations with federal and state government, universities, foundations, and other funders.

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A Latino-Based Framework for Early Childhood Educators

This Framework was developed to provide guidance to early childhood trainers and training institutions interested in building their capacity to respond to the Latino population. It is based on cultural values, principles, and best practices...

Publication 2002
Early Care and Education Partnerships: State Actions and Local Lessons

This report presents findings from a study that examined how states and local early education programs utilize a combination of child care, Head Start, and pre-Kindergarten resources to improve early care and education and enhance children's...

Publication 2003
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start and Child Care Partnerships

This report was the result of a collaborative study by the Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) Collaboration Office and the Quality in Linking Together: Early Education Partnerships (QUILT) project located at EDC. The purpose of the study was...

Publication 2003
Supporting Early Childhood Professionals Through Content-Focused Mentoring: A Resource Guide

This guide shares lessons learned from EDC's experience with content-focused mentoring work. It highlights early literacy content knowledge and discusses five essential aspects of content-focused mentoring, and provides extensive lists of...

Publication 2003
Research Brief: Blending Early Care and Education Funds: Issues, Opportunities, and Strategies

This research brief describes the study's finance-related findings. Profiles the sources of resources, strategies used to manage funds, and issues in managing funds from different sources.

Publication 2003
State Strategies to Support Early Care and Education Partnerships

This research brief highlights actions states take to support the creation and continuation of partnerships. Includes a detailed bibliography and a list of organizations that provide state early care and education data.

Publication 2003
Research Brief: Early Care and Education Partnerships: State Actions and Local Lessons

This research brief summarizes the qualitative research findings provided in a comprehensive report about the nature of partnerships among child care, Head Start, and pre-kindergarten providers.

Publication 2003
The Science and Mathematics of Building Structures

Published in Science & Children, this article describes how everyday activities—such as building with blocks—can be the basis for meaningful learning that meets national educational standards in science and mathematics. The authors...

Publication 2004
Partnering Programs Provide Comprehensive Services

This brief describes the screenings, referrals, and services offered by child care centers in partnership with Head Start and comparison centers not involved in partnership. Researchers found that centers in partnership are more likely to provide...

Publication 2004
Connections & Commitments: Reflecting Latino Values in Early Childhood Programs

This books helps you teach Latino students more responsively by focusing on four key values shared by many Latino cultures: Familia/Family: Forming true alliances with the family network; Pertenencia/Belonging: Creating a sense of family and...

Publication 2005
The Young Scientist Series

Published by Redleaf Press, EDC’s three-volume Young Scientist Series helps teachers foster young children’s development of key science inquiry, language and literacy, and mathematics skills through a blend of play, science inquiry, and...

Publication 2005
Ohio Head Start Plus Study Final Report

This executive summary summarizes the findings of a survey research study of Ohio’s Title IV-A Head Start Plus Program examining differences in quality of care, teacher education/professional development, and access to services between...

Publication 2005
Child Care Head Start Partnership Study: Final Report

This report presents findings from the first phase of a longitudinal survey research study of child care centers that examined the nature and benefits of partnerships, as well as the differences between partnering and comparison centers....

Publication 2005
Child Care Head Start Partnership Study: Executive Summary

This publication summarizes the findings of a longitudinal quantitative research study investigating the impact of child care/Head Start partnerships on quality of care and parents access to services.

Publication 2005
Snapshot: Partnership Predicts Improved Classroom Quality

This snapshot presents a brief overview of some of the initial findings of the Child Care Quality Study. The authors summarize findings that indicate that child care centers that partner with Head Start programs demonstrate higher classroom...

Publication 2006
Child Care/Head Start Partnerships Snapshot: Benefits

This snapshot provides a summary of findings from a study on child care/Head Start partnerships. Researchers found that teachers in child care centers that partner with Head Start programs were more likely to receive employment benefits (e.g.,...

Publication 2006
Designing a Rigorous Study: Balancing the Practicalities and the Methodology

This paper was presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. The authors discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing researchers when conducting randomized controlled field trials in school...

Publication 2006
Measuring the Efficacy of Big Math for Little Kids

This paper, presented at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, discusses research conducted on the Big Math for Little Kids mathematics curriculum for preK and kindergarten children. The authors...

Publication 2006
Supporting Parents through Head Start-Child Care Center Partnerships

Published in the International Journal of Economic Development, this article shares results from a study that indicated that partnerships between child care centers and Head Start can meet the increased child care needs of low-income...

Publication 2007
Research Brief: Implementing LEEP in West Virginia's PreK System

This research brief highlights the results from the first two years of a four-year, U. S. Department of Education-funded study, Examining the Efficacy of Two Models of Preschool Professional Development in Language and Literacy. The...

Publication 2008