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EDC’s Learning and Teaching Division produces resources in the form of reports, books, Web-based tools, and multimedia for stakeholders across the education continuum. Some of these resources are developed exclusively by EDC while others are the result of collaborations with federal and state government, universities, foundations, and other funders.

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A First Step Toward Digital Literacy

This article describes EDC's work to develop a new online version of Intel Easy Steps curriculum. The five Easy Steps modules progressively build novice users' digital literacy skills and support them in learning how to begin harnessing...

Publication 2014
Breaking Down Silos, Joining Forces in Education

This article, published in Language Magazine, describes the availability of programs to help young English learners become proficient in both the English language and in the content of...

Publication 2016
Common Core ELA and English Language Learners: Instructional Strategies for Middle School Teachers

This series of short videos was created through a partnership between the New England Comprehensive Center, with whom EDC was a subcontractor from 2005 through 2012, and the Connecticut Department of Education’s Bilingual and English language...

Video 2013
Cutting to the Common Core: The Positive Side of the Digital Divide

In this article published in Language magazine, the authors suggest that teachers draw upon digital text, also known as "etext," to differentiate language instruction to meet students' diverse needs. They discuss four clear benefits to...

Publication 2014
Developing a Writing Instruction Observation Protocol: Implications for Practice, Research, and Policy

This article describes EDC researchers' development of a Writing Instruction Observation Protocol that captures the details of writing lessons; the components of effective writing instruction, as indicated by research; the practices that teachers...

Publication 2014
Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation Toolkits

Published by Brookes, the Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation (ELLCO) Pre-K and K-3 toolkits are research-based instruments that enable teachers, leaders, and researchers to observe, assess, and enhance literacy instruction. Both...

Publication 2008
Early Literacy Learning

Strong literacy skills are crucial to all children's school readiness, school success, and lifelong learning. Across the U.S. and around the world, EDC supports families and teachers in building children’s early language and literacy skills. This...

Publication 2017
Early Literacy Learning at EDC

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of some of EDC's work to ensure that all young children—and especially young children who live in low-income communities and are members of underrepresented groups—can access high-quality early literacy...

Publication 2016
EDC's Interdisciplinary Science and Literacy Resources

EDC designs curricula and instructional resources that help teachers weave effective literacy instruction into rich science explorations and investigations. Our literacy-infused science materials have been published by Redleaf Press, LAB-AIDS,...

Publication 2017
Findings from the Ready to Learn Summative Evaluation

This website features a wide range of reports from EDC's and our partner SRI's 10 years of conducting a summative evaluation of Ready to Learn, a public media initiative supported by the U.S. Department of Education. This research has...

Publication 2016
Guiding Curriculum Decisions for Middle-Grades Language Arts

The authors present a framework for decision-making, provide an overview of the curriculum decision-making process, and offer detailed information on a variety of language arts curricula and curriculum resources. They pose a set of critical...

Publication 2001
Impact of the Thinking Reader Software Program on Grade 6 Reading Vocabulary, Comprehension, Strategies, and Motivation

The Thinking Reader® software is designed to improve middle school students’ reading vocabulary and comprehension. This report describes findings from a randomized controlled trial that AIR and EDC researchers conducted to determine the...

Publication 2011
In Support of Educators: Strategies that Work

This collection of essays shares insights and strategies from EDC's work to support teachers' professional learning, as well as links to an array of EDC's resources for teachers. The authors' essays focus on: 1) Characteristics of EDC's...

Publication 2016
LTDFlix on YouTube

View videos related to our work to improve the effectiveness of education from preschool through college on the LTDFlix YouTube channel.

Video 2015
Portable Wordplay Final Report

This report presents findings from the conceptualization, design, development, and field-testing of Portable Wordplay, two digital games and related curricular materials...

Publication 2012
PowerUp What Works

AIR, CAST, and EDC developed this interactive professional learning environment that builds the capacity of teachersand leaders to use evidence-based practices, universal design for learning (UDL) principles, and technology to improve student...

Publication 2015
Quick-Click Tour of LTD FY15 Resources

This "Quick-Click Tour" presents some of the online and print resources that the Learning and Teaching Division at EDC produced from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

Publication 2015
Quick-Click Tour: EDC's New Resources

This "Quick-Click Tour" tour offers a fast way to explore over 100 of the new resources—including videos, articles, toolkits, online resources, books, reports, and briefs—that EDC produced in FY17. Videos can be viewed within this issuu document...

Publication 2017
Research Brief: Implementing LEEP in West Virginia's PreK System

This research brief highlights the results from the first two years of a four-year, U. S. Department of Education-funded study, Examining the Efficacy of Two Models of Preschool Professional Development in Language and Literacy. The...

Publication 2008
Students' Voices: The Relationship Between Attitudes and Writing Outcomes for Fourth and Fifth Graders

This article presents selected findings from a four-year EDC study of a writing curriculum for fourth- and fifth-grade students and discusses implications for future research. As part of the study, the authors measured students’ writing ability...

Publication 2014