Early Care and Education Partnerships: State Actions and Local Lessons

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This report presents findings from a study that examined how states and local early education programs utilize a combination of child care, Head Start, and pre-Kindergarten resources to improve early care and education and enhance children's school readiness and well-being. Findings focus on: state leaders’ actions to support and promote early education partnerships; how local early education providers engage in partnerships; and  factors that support providers in partnerships. The authors note that state and local leaders engage in partnership activities, despite inherent challenges, because they find that partnerships result in the following benefits:

  • Enhanced educational curriculum at the classroom level
  • Added services such as medical, dental, mental health, nutrition, and parental involvement activities for children and families
  • Expanded services (i.e., hours per day, days per year) to support low-income parents’ self-sufficiency Increased availability of slots to a larger number of low-income children
  • Improved quality at all program levels



Diane Schilder, Ellen Kiron, Kimberly Elliott

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151 pp.
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