Electronic Teacher Guide Prototype

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This is a prototype electronic teacher's guide for a 12-week genetics unit in the National Science Foundation-funded curriculum titled Foundation Science: Biology. The guide, which is based on an existing print guide, has a flexible design that anticipates and meets the curriculum planning and support needs of teachers with different knowledge/skills profiles. EDC's goal in designing this prototype is to develop a cybertool to help teachers plan and teach their curriculum, reflect on its execution, and enhance their teaching practice. The eTG is a cloud-based web application that lets teachers access the Foundation Science curriculum and their planning and teaching notes anytime, anywhere. The tool offers teaching tips, strategies and videos that are aligned with the student materials, features that encourage them to mindfully modify the curriculum with fidelity to intentions of curriculum, and slides that once modified, can be saved and projected for students to guide their inquiries.  


Jackie Miller (PI), Bill Tally (co-PI), Katherine F. Paget, John Parris, Irene Baker

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Screenshot of prototype