Exploring Trees and Ponds Activity Guide: Spring Trees

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One of a three-part series, this Guide features engaging activities that bring middle school youth outdoors to explore the natural world using observation, digital photography, drawing, activity challenges, and scientific experiments. Written by EDC’s Bernie Zubrowski—author of several children’s books and former museum exhibit designer for the Boston Children’s Museum—and funded by the National Science Foundation, the activities are designed to enable youth to carry out scientific inquiry and make discoveries for themselves through short- and long-term observations of their local environment. This Guide engages youth in the study of trees and plants in the springtime. At this time of year, trees and plants experience a rebirth. Buds turn into leaves and flowers, and flowers turn into seeds. Some of these changes are slow and gradual while others happen quickly. The changes to trees and plants during the spring contrast strongly to those that youth may have observed in the fall. The various changes provide opportunities to discuss some basic concepts related to the life sciences. (Explore the Trees and Ponds website.)


Bernie Zubrowski

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68 pp.
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