Girls Communicating Career Connections

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In Summer 2016, the American Library Association selected this website as a "Great Website for Kids." The site presents the Girls Communicating Career Connections (GC3) media series—short video segments produced by middle school aged girls—that captures the inquiry-based learning experiences of six girls as they investigate what it means to be a scientist or engineer. The video series targets girls from underserved groups (minority populations, youth of low socioeconomic status, and those with disabilities). The videos encourage girls to see the science in their everyday lives, its relevance to things most important to them now (e.g., sports, art, music), and leverage that connection to spark interest in, and knowledge of, science and engineering careers. EDC also developed a robust GC3 companion Educator Web site and supporting materials for formal and informal educators.


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Videos, games, and fun activities about cool careers that use math and science, created by young people.