IAS/PCMI-The Teacher Program Series

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Published by the American Mathematical Society, the "IAS/PCMI-The Teacher Program Series” includes three books that engage in-service and preservice secondary school teachers in deep explorations of mathematics and help them put the topics in their curricula into the broader landscape of mathematics as a scientific discipline. EDC has found that supporting teachers in doing this enhances their understanding and enjoyment of mathematics and builds their capacity to deepen students' understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.

All of the books in the series are written in an approachable, engaging style that makes the problem sets and challenging content fun to explore. Each volume in the series covers the content of one Summer School Teacher Program year at the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) and presents carefully sequenced collections of problem sets designed to develop several interconnected mathematical themes. The three books include:


Bowen Kerins, Benjamin Sinwell, Darryl Yong, Al Cuoco, Glenn Stevens

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187 pp,
Helping mathematics teachers make learning fun and challenging