Imagining Math: Four-Year-Old Style

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In this post published on the Fred Rogers Center blog, the author discusses two EDC research projects focused on young children’s mathematics learning. Both projects are investigating what happens when preschool teachers have new interactive tools to engage children in exploring mathematics concepts. Excerpt: "Imagine a 4-year-old. Now imagine a 4-year-old doing math. What comes to mind? Perhaps you see brightly colored numerals scattered on a rug next to where your conjured child is playing, and you hear the sound of her emboldened voice as she counts, '3, 4, 5, 6.' Maybe you picture an adult lingering nearby asking a question, 'How many blue blocks do we have?' Now imagine math in a preschool classroom. How does your picture change when you move into a formal educational setting?...What about when you add a touch-screen device, like a tablet or an interactive whiteboard, to the mix? What does mathematical thinking look and sound like now that the materials are digital?”


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